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Featured News

Pet Health

Ingrid Smolders Unveils Orthomolecular Intervention: Elevating Canine Health and vitality

Government Ban

Barking Ban: Central Government’s Dog Ban

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International : Nano-technology

Cleapet's Nano Silver Formula: Ezgi MATUR Unveils the Pet Health Revolution

Featured Articles

 Pet Parenting

Compassionate End-of-Life Care for Beloved Pets: A Solemn yet Necessary Journey

Cat Health

Senior Cat Care: Nurturing Your Feline Friend in Their Golden Years

Pet Health  

Balancing the Gut Biome for Happy and Healthy Pets: Unraveling the Microbial Connection

Winter Dog Care Tips in India: Ensure Warmth, Nutrition, and Health Happiness

 Dog Grooming

All about Birds

The Secret to Happy Birds: Power of Nutrition and Mental Stimulation for Birds

Purrfecting the Art of Cat Parenting: Tips and Tricks for Welcoming Your New Feline Companion

Cat Parenting


Product Focus

Pet Fashion (Indian Prints)

Flury, The Pet Attire: Unleash Indian Prints as Fashion statement for Your Furry Friend

Dog Style Luxury

Strut with Style: Unveiling the Dots & Doodles’ Pooch Collection

Pet Treats

Delightful Canine Cuisine: Unveiling Wags and Paws' Nutrient-Packed Pet Treats

Dog Food, Treats and Health

Wiggles wide range of products benefits pet owners in India

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Company Profile

Pet Care - All Essentials

JUSTDOGS: Pioneering Pet Care Excellence and Community in India Market

Pet Care - Online Empowering Pet Owners with Innovative Solutions and Reliable Support

Pet Wellness

Signate Animal Health and Nutrition: Vision, Mission, and Commitment to Pet Health

Pet Owners Corner - Your Pet Bonding Story

Pet Owner Hero.png

Petz per Charcha - Vets Corner

A Guide to Responsible Pet Nutrition: Choosing, Reading Labels, Portion Control, and Transitioning Diets

Dr. Punith's Essential Tips for Navigating Pet Nutrition and Dietary Needs Successfully, Ensuring Optimal Health and Well-being for Your Furry Companion.

Dr.Noopur Desai - The Cancer Vet

Dr. Punith G, (MVSc, Animal Nutrition)Techno Commercial Manager at Drools, Shares Expert Insights on Pet Nutrition with Petzcareindia Editor - Sunil Dcosta

From the nutritional needs of pets to addressing health conditions and the importance of quality in pet food, Dr. Punith G shares his expertise with the Editor of Petzcareindia. Read on to discover expert advice on ensuring optimal health and well-being for your beloved pets.

Dr.Noopur Desai - The Cancer Vet

Elevating Pet Eye Health: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle, Founder of The Eye Vet Clinic

Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle Shares Insights on Pet Eye Care, Advancements, and the Vision for Specialized Ophthalmology Services in India - A Conversation with Sunil Dcosta, Founder and Editor of PetZcareindia.

Dr.Noopur Desai - The Cancer Vet

Exploring Veterinary Specializations: An Interview with Dr. Anupama Verma

Exploring Veterinary Expertise with Dr.Anupama Verma - Post Graduate scholar in Veterinary clinical medicine that deals with diagnosis, research, and treatment of Canine, feline, livestock, and exotic. etc. Here she is sharing her insights in detail about the Pathways to Specialization and Career Growth in Veterinary Clinical Medicine.

Dr.Noopur Desai - The Cancer Vet
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