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Colin Aranha, Mumbai 

"I am following all the Articles on the website as well as in the magazine. The articles  by the Vets is very informative.   It is so nice to know the international perspectives on various topics. Like the format of the magazine. Truly International.  "

Suhas Kulkarni, Goa

"We are happy to receive such valuable information on pets. So happy to know that there are different indianised foods for the dogs. Thank you petzcareindia I will be better informed the next time. " scary truth about Dog Food" was an eye-opener. I will be more cautious when I buy the next Dog meal. More pet education is needed for people like us. Good initative".

Lyanne, Pune

"Liked the article which was released today on your website about dental hygiene for dogs. Well written and informed. Will definitely share to my friends. Thank you petzcareindia".
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