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Maple Pets International Introduces Hagen's Premium Products in India for Dogs, Cats, Fish, and Birds


19 Jun 2024

Elevating Pet Care with High-Quality Nutrition and Advanced Filtration Solutions from Hagen, Now Available in India through Maple Pets Nutrition.

Nutrient SubZero Dog Food, Fraser Valley formula

A a premium pet food designed to meet high nutritional standards. It features fresh, regionally sourced ingredients such as deboned chicken,turkey, and salmon. The formula is grain-free and enriched with fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, ensuring a balanced diet. Additionally, it includes freeze-dried raw pieces to enhance flavor and provide natural nutrients, supporting overall health and vitality.

Nutrient SubZero Canadian Pacific is a premium dog food known for its high-quality ingredients and nutritional value. This formula features fresh, wild-caught fish as the primary protein source, providing essential omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Additionally, it includes fruits, vegetables, and botanicals for a balanced diet, free from grains and artificial additives, ensuring optimal health for dogs.

Nutrient Subzero cat food from Fraser Valley

A premium pet food product designed to offer high-quality nutrition for cats. It features a blend of fresh and raw ingredients, including meats, fruits, and vegetables, ensuring a balanced diet rich in proteins and essential nutrients. The formula supportsoverall health, energy, and vitality, making it a popular choice for cat owners seeking optimal nutrition for their pets.

Nutrient SubZero Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Premium snacks made from high-quality, natural ingredients. These treats are freeze-dried to lock in essential nutrients and flavors, ensuring cats get a healthy and tasty reward. Rich in protein and free from artificial additives, they support overall feline health. Ideal for picky eaters, they provide a convenient and nutritious way to pamper your pet.

Fluval Bug Bites Goldfish Formula

A premium fish food designed specifically for goldfish. It features sustainably harvested black soldier fly larvae as the primary ingredient, providing high-quality protein. The formula includes essential vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for optimal health. It's free from artificial fillers, colors, and preservatives, ensuring a natural, nutritious diet for vibrant, healthy goldfish.

Fluval Bug Bites Color Enhancing Fish Food

It is formulated to enhance the vibrant colors of tropical fish. This high-protein diet is made primarily from sustainably harvested black soldier fly larvae, which are rich in nutrients. Additional ingredients like salmon, rich in Omega 3 and 6, support healthy skin and scales. Ideal for small to medium-sized fish, this food promotes growth and vitality.

Hari Bird Food High Performance Formula

A a premium avian diet designed for birds with high energy needs. It offers balanced nutrition with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins to support growth, breeding, and overall vitality. The formula includes seeds, grains, and legumes, ensuring a diverse and palatable mix. Ideal for parrots and other large birds, it promotes optimal health and vibrant plumage.

Hari Bird Food Hand Feeding Formula is a nutritionally balanced diet designed for hand-rearing baby birds. It provides essential nutrients for optimal growth and development, ensuring a healthy start in life. This formula is easy to mix, digest, and contains probiotics for digestive health. Suitable for various bird species, it promotes strong bones, feathers, and immune systems, supporting overall wellbeing in young birds.

Fluval Fx Series
Fluval Fx6

The Fluval FX Series Canister Filters

High-performance filtration systems designed for large aquariums. They offer multi-stage filtration, ensuring thorough water purification. Key features include Smart Pump technology for optimal flow rates, self-priming functionality, and easy maintenance with a purge valve. Models like FX4, FX6, and FX2 are known for their efficiency, large media capacity, and quiet operation, making them popular among serious aquarium enthusiasts.

The Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter is a high-performance aquarium filtration system known for its reliability and efficiency. Designed for both freshwater and saltwater tanks, it offers multi-stage filtration, enhancing water clarity and quality. Features include easy setup, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. The series includes models suitable for various tank sizes, making it a versatile choice for aquarium enthusiasts.

The Catit Pixi Fountain

A a compact and stylish water dispenser designed for cats. It features a unique dome shape with a water flow that attracts cats to drink more frequently, promoting hydration. The fountain includes a dual-action filter to keep water fresh and clean, reducing impurities and odors. Its small size makes it ideal for apartments or small spaces, ensuring cats have access to clean water at all times.

Catit Smooth & Savoury Creamy Treats

It is a delectable option for pampering your feline friend. With a smooth texture and savory flavor, these treats offer a delightful snack experience that cats adore. They come in convenient single-serve portions, ensuring freshness and ease of use. Ideal for bonding moments or simply showing your cat some love, Catit Smooth & Savoury Creamy Treats are a purr-fect addition to any cat snack repertoire.

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