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Tropica Plant Growth Premium Fertilizer (liquid) is ideal for aquaria with few and/or slow-growing plants and a relatively high stock of fish. With the integrated pump head, Specialised Fertilizer is very easy to dose. One pump stroke equals approximately 1.2 ml. - contains iron, manganese and vital micronutrients - does not contain nitrogen and phosphorus - ideal for aquaria with few and/or slow-growing plants and many fish Use Tropica Plant Growth Premium Fertiliser is added each week after the water change. Exact dosage is easy thanks to the integrated pump head. Tropica recommends to add 5 ml per 50 l of aquarium water, however, please consider the individual requirements of the plants. For example, yellowish leaves are usually a sign for a nutrient deficiency. We recommend a water change of at least 25% every two weeks. If you notice unwanted algae, change more water at shorter intervals (up to 50% per week), and add some fast-growing plants like Vallisneria, Hygrophila or Egeria. Dosage 5 ml per 50 l of aquarium water per week Content 125 ml Sufficient for 1,000 l of aquarium water

Tropica Plant Growth Premium Fertilizer, 300 ml

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