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Aquarium UV Sterilizer Light Submersible Water Clean Lamp for Ponds and Fish Tank

- Suppress harmful bacteria in the water

- Prevent bacterial growth and algae reproduction.

- Keep the water clear.

- A separate power switch is ideal for safer use.

- By ultraviolet radiation, the microbial DNA is destroyed, its reproductive capacity is lost, and most bacteria and algae in the water are killed,restoring healthy moisture.

- Made of high quality materials for durability.

- The tail is made of insulating material, which is waterproof and safer. Multi-stage seals are available for diving.

With high-quality lamp tubes, the normal service life is 8000 hours.

-This model comes with a Sterilization Timer. 

Timing edition which has a better sterilization effect.

EASY To USE and Install.


Model:AUV-14B 14Watt � UV Lamp 2600/L

To watch the demo video copy the below-mentioned link on the aquafishcare channel.


SUNSUN AUV 14B Sterilizer with Timer

₹2,750.00 Regular Price
₹2,225.00Sale Price
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