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Nitrogen is one of the main three macro nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium: NPK) required by plants and can often become the limiting factor to growth in a flourishing system. Flourish Nitrogen� is a concentrated (15,000 mg/L) blend of nitrogen sources. It provides nitrogen in both the nitrate form and the plant�preferred ammonium form. However, no free ammonia is released because the ammonium in Flourish Nitrogen� is complexed and unavailable until utilized by the plants. Ammonium becomes available after conversion of urea (carbamide). Flourish Nitrogen� also provides nitrate for those plants that can readily utilize nitrate as well. For maximum benefit, use with Flourish Phosphorus� and Flourish Potassium�. Flourish Nitrogen� is safe for invertebrates such as shrimp.

Seachem Flourish Nitrogen 250ml

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