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Aquafin Spirulina Flake is processed with quality raw material and contains sufficient spirulina and astaxanthin to make the fish become vibrant in color. Besides the addition of 16 essential vitamins and 10 amino acids, which can provide the balanced nutrition and improve the immunity of the fish as well, the long-lasting vitamins C is added to the diet to enhance the ability of natural cure to the skin/gill injury. Further more, the natural appetizer is served to help the fish adapt to the new food in 2 to 3 days at most. It is a recommended Fish Food for Cichlid Fish, Goldfish & Koi Fish. This Fish food is suitable for both Freshwater & Marine Fish.


Fish Meal, ALFALFA Powder, Spirulina, Plant Astaxanthan, Soya Meal, Wheat Meal, Trace elements and Vital multi-Vitamins

Aquafin Professional Spirulina Flake 250 ml

SKU: aquafinspirulina250
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