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Zen: The Chosen Labrador Who Filled Our Lives with Love and Joy


29 Sept 2023

During lockdown, as the world paused, Zen became our stress-buster, a constant companion. The unspoken bond, the wagging tails—it's a testament to the profound connection between humans and their furry companions.

In 2016, Zen, an abandoned Labrador, entered our lives, seemingly guided by fate rather than choice. His anxious yet friendly demeanor won us over. Zen had been abandoned twice before, but this time, he was determined to find a permanent home.

With Prateek my Elder Brother
With Prateek my Elder Brother

Despite initial challenges, Zen's presence brought excitement to our household. He formed a playful bond with Spice, our older dog. Zen's anxiety stemmed from past abandonment, causing him to seek human companionship eagerly. Within two months, a congenital hind leg issue was discovered, prompting an expensive surgery. After multiple medical opinions, we were told that his hind legs would need surgery,

which would cost Rs.1.5 lakhs. Many well-wishers advised us to give him up and suggested that we could buy many pups instead. But we firmly said, “Apna baccha hai aur baccha koi abandon nahi karta bimaar hone pe”; (He is our child, and no child is abandoned when they are unwell). Despite suggestions to give him up, we chose to invest in his well-being, affirming he was family.

Zen's hyperactivity drove us to long walks, forging a stronger bond and reducing his restlessness. His love for dosa and playful antics earned him the endearing nickname "Smiling Doggo". The 2020 lockdown provided a silver lining, allowing us to deepen our bond during remote work. Zen became our stress manager, always ready for a game of tug-of-war or a playful round of fetch.

When COVID-19 hit our household, Zen and our other dog were temporarily cared for by a trusted individual. Their absence during quarantine underscored how much they meant to us.

As Zen's pet parent, my happiness revolves around his joy, and he is my cherished companion, allowing for a beautiful exchange of love and devotion.

Zen's spirited nature and love for life continued to brighten our days, particularly during the pandemic, when he became a constant source of comfort and cheer. Zen's resilience and unwavering love have taught us invaluable lessons about compassion and dedication, proving that sometimes, the chosen ones in our lives have fur and a wagging tail.

Author: Utkarsh ( Labrador Zen Owner)

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