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Beagle Wisdom: A Journey with Theo


2 Apr 2024

A heartwarming tale of a woman's journey with her beloved dog, Theo, who teaches her love, resilience, and life lessons.

Theo came into my life with pregnancy pains. He was a whirlwind, yet to be toilet trained, tearing apart pillows and being so cute that I had to protect him,24/7. He was so adorable that I wanted to go above and beyond for him. Often I found that motherhood came with its pains, I’d cry every night out of exhaustion and joy of having taught him yet another thing. I wanted to protect him, but I wanted him to protect me more.

Fast forward to the future, and Theo is eleven now. During my depressed times I have hugged Theo and his body has taken the pain in my body away. He has licked my tears when I cried. Whenever my mom and I argue, Theo tucks his tail beneath his legs and runs to a corner. If we’re all going out, he peers behind to see if anyone is left behind. He wants everyone to be together, forever, now, and till the end.

Theo enjoys walks, female dogs, carrots, and cheese. He dislikes car rides, male dogs, swimming, and the unknown. You see so many videos of dogs doing amazing things, you want to make your dog your plaything too. But with his age came his born wisdom- let’s just stick to simplicity, please? For his birthday celebrations, we avoided balloons since they scared him, and gave him a cup of ice cream instead. Simple and cheap things give Theo joy.

Theo has made me who I am, as a professional dog groomer, he has taught me everything that earns me my money now. I now work at Zane’s Pet Spa as a digital marketing manager for pets and a certified dog groomer. I thank my dog for earning my living. It’s all for him. It always will be.


Article by : Divya Punjabi, Forever Pet Parent.

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