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Mobile Veterinary Services: Mypet OPD Expands to Bangalore Amid Growing Demand


26 Jun 2024

Expanding from Goa to Bangalore, Mypet OPD offers comprehensive veterinary services directly at clients' homes, catering to urban demand.

Mypet OPD is transforming pet care in India with its innovative mobile veterinary services. After successfully serving over 5,000 clients in Goa, the company is set to expand to Bangalore, supported by recent investments from Middle Eastern angels. Their "Clinic on Wheels" provides a comprehensive range of services, including consultations, 24/7 emergency care, dental treatments, vaccinations, routine surgeries, and more, all delivered directly to clients' homes. This approach offers a convenient, flexible, and stress-free alternative to traditional veterinary clinics, particularly benefiting elderly pet owners and those with multiple pets. Mobile vets also reduce the risk of infection by eliminating the need for travel and crowded waiting rooms, making pet care more accessible and safer.

Mypet OPD
Mypet OPD

An important consideration for pet owners is cost. The average price for a mobile vet consultation in India is Rs 1500, with additional charges for diagnostics, medicines, and pet food delivery. Prices may be higher in urban areas and can vary based on the type of animal being treated. Despite these costs, Mypet OPD’s mobile model meets the growing demand for quick and comprehensive pet care, representing the future of veterinary services in urban India.

By providing top-notch care directly at home, Mypet OPD is setting a new standard for pet health and convenience. The service is a quick solution for long waits in veterinary hospitals and offers critical care during emergency hours, making it a crucial resource for pet owners.

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