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Canine Caviar: Alkaline Dog Food Launch Event by Sys Vet Solutions


20 Oct 2023

Unveiling the Revolutionary Alkaline Dog Food - Canine Caviar: A Memorable Evening of Insights, Innovation, and Gratitude in India.

In a delightful evening on October 5th, 2023, URU Brewpark provided the perfect backdrop for Sys Vet Solutions to unveil their groundbreaking product, India's exclusive alkaline dog food - Canine Caviar. The event was graced by a diverse audience, including esteemed veterinarians, dedicated distributors, media representatives, enthusiastic employees, and, notably, inquisitive pet parents eager to discover how this innovative food range would transform their dogs' diets.

Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, the Founder, set the tone with a warm welcome address, expressing his gratitude for the nationwide turnout. The stage also featured co-founder and CEO, Mr. M. Parthasarathy, and a special guest, Mr. Jeff Baker, the CEO and Founder of Canine Caviar. Joining them were esteemed veterinarians Dr. Narendra R, Dr. Azeemulla H R, Dr. Ramananjippa S, Dr. Parameswara K T, Dr. Nagesh Reddy B, Dr. Nagaraj B, and Dr. Ponnusamy N.

Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan's welcome address resonated with the audience, emphasizing the collective enthusiasm for the event. Dr. Nagesh Reddy unveiled the grand revelation, pulling back the curtain to unveil the splendid Canine Caviar, while Dr. Nagarajan performed the symbolic ribbon-cutting to release the product. Mr. Jeff Baker presented the product, and it was gracefully received by Dr. Nagesh Reddy.

Subsequently, Mr. Jeff Baker delivered an informative presentation, sharing the inception of Canine Caviar, inspired by his quest to address his Great Dane's digestive issues. He recounted the remarkable longevity of his Great Dane, who became one of the world's longest-living in the breed at 14 years. Mr. Jeff Baker's presentation underscored the benefits of an alkaline diet for dogs, leaving the audience enlightened.

The subsequent Q&A session provided valuable insights into Canine Caviar's inner workings.This event was not merely a launch but also a knowledge-sharing platform, with active participation from veterinarians, distributors, and industry stakeholders, fostering collaboration and expertise exchange.The evening concluded with Mr. M. Parthasarathy expressing heartfelt gratitude in his vote of thanks. He extended his appreciation for the event's resounding success and looked forward to a promising future. The event left a positive impression on all attendees, concluding on a high note.

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