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Barking Ban: Central Government’s Dog Ban


20 Mar 2024

Petzcareindia's Perspective: Advocating Balanced Policies for Public Safety, Animal Welfare, and Responsible Ownership in India's Central Government Regulations.

Amidst widespread outcry from pet owners, the recent prohibition on select dog breeds in India has sparked controversy. The central government has urged states to restrict the import, breeding, and sale of specific breeds labeled as ‘dangerous.’ However, critics question the validity of such categorizations, arguing that breeds like Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and Mastiffs aren’t inherently hazardous. The government justifies the ban as a measure to address the escalating incidence of dog-related attacks across the nation. Nevertheless, discussions persist regarding the effectiveness and fairness of such sweeping measures in tackling this issue.

23 Breeds of Dog are considered to be "Dangerous" including Rotweiler, Wolf Dog, Terriers, Mastiff etc.

Petzcareindia recognizes the Central Government's responsibility to safeguard public safety and animal welfare. While we support measures to address concerns related to certain dog breeds, we advocate for comprehensive and evidence-based approaches. Blanket bans on specific breeds may not effectively address underlying issues and can unfairly penalize responsible pet owners. We encourage collaboration between government agencies, experts, and stakeholders to develop policies that prioritize education, training, and responsible ownership. By promoting understanding and proactive measures, we believe in fostering harmonious relationships between pets, their owners, and the community at large.

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