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Fairy Tails: Premier Super Specialty Veterinary Hospital redefining pet care in Goa


22 Sept 2023

A Tailored Haven for Pets, Where Love Meets Veterinary Excellence

Fairy Tails stands as Goa’s exclusive 24/7 super specialty veterinary hospital, the pioneer in its realm. With an expansive 6000 sq ft presence in Panjim, it embodies India’s ultimate pet care hub. Seamlessly combining services like orthopedics, ophthalmology, dialysis, and soft tissue surgery with in-house diagnostics and imaging facilities, Fairy Tails redefines comprehensive animal care.

Notably holistic, it extends its embrace beyond medical expertise, presenting grooming, spa, day-care, boarding, retail, and pet food offerings. Nestled at the heart of Panjim, Fairy Tails symbolizes a haven where every pet’s needs, from advanced treatments to pampering, find a nurturing abode

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