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Allana Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. Launches Bowlers in Mumbai


10 Jul 2024

Innovative Pet Care Brand Engages Veterinary Community with Insightful Lectures, Thoughtful Hampers, and Light-hearted Entertainment at Trident BKC Event

Allana Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. marked a significant milestone with the successful launch of Bowlers at the prestigious Trident BKC. Partnering with the Pet Practitioners of Mumbai (PPAM), the event saw an overwhelming response, drawing over 100 veterinarians from across the city.

Dr.Amrit Deb
Dr.Amrit Deb

The highlight of the evening was a compelling guest lecture by the esteemed Dr. Amrit Deb on "Lameness in Pets: A Case-Based Approach to Diagnosis and Management." Dr. Deb’s insights were well-received, providing valuable knowledge to the attending veterinarians.

The event seamlessly transitioned into a light-hearted and engaging session hosted by RJ Dilipp from 92.7 Big FM. Over dinner, RJ Dilipp entertained the guests, adding a touch of warmth and camaraderie to the proceedings.

Raghavendra Rao, CEO, Pet Foods, Allana Group said, "The Mumbai pet market is booming, with pet ownership on the rise and disposable incomes increasing. This surge is driving a 13% annual growth rate in the national pet food market, expected to reach $520 million by 2025. However, despite this growth, many Mumbai pet owners, like those across India, struggle to find premium pet food at accessible prices. They crave high-quality nutrition without breaking the bank. And, at Allana, we have a history of fulfilling evolving consumer needs. Bowlers® directly addresses this gap in the Mumbai market. This launch is a game-changer, empowering pet parents to provide their furry companions with the best possible nutrition. We plan to expand beyond Bowlers®, offering a comprehensive range of pet food – from wet and dry food for cats and dogs to tailored and prescription diets."

In a gesture of appreciation, Allana Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. presented the veterinarians with thoughtfully curated hampers. These included a stethoscope, a mini garden kit promoting sustainability, brochures for Nutrimax Club and Nutrimax products, 100 grams of Puppy and Adult product samples, and jerky treats inmeat and mango flavors.

The launch of Bowlers provided a fantastic platform for Allana Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. to connect with the veterinary community, fostering relationships and showcasing their brand’s commitment to quality and innovation in pet care.

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