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Watch out for the 10 most desired pets in India: 2023


10 Mar 2023

An Overview of 10 Popular Dog Breeds in India: Characteristics, Traits, and Uses for These Beloved Canine Companions.

Keeping pets at home has become a trend in India. since the covid, this trend has seen a surge in pet ownership among people. Many people have in fact started adopting pets in India. Let us find out which are the 10 breeds of dogs found in India.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd


  • Labrador Retriever - A popular breed that is friendly, loyal, and easy to train.

  • German Shepherd - Known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature.

  • Golden Retriever - A friendly and intelligent breed that makes an excellent family pet.Beagle - A small, intelligent breed that is often used for hunting and tracking.

  • Dachshund - A small, lively breed that is popular in India for its adaptability to small apartments.

  • Boxer - A playful and energetic breed that is good with children and makes an excellent guard dog.

  • Pug - A small, affectionate breed that is known for its unique appearance and lively personality.

  • Rottweiler - A large, powerful breed that is loyal and protective.

  • Siberian Husky - A medium-sized breed that is known for its striking appearance and intelligence.

  • Shih Tzu - A small breed that is known for its long, flowing coat and friendly nature.

Training a Dog
Training a Dog

Pug with a Kid
Pug with children, The most friendly dog

The above dog breeds are desired in India for various reasons. Some of the common reasons are:

  1. Adaptability to Indian climate: Many of the above breeds are well-suited for the Indian climate, which is hot and humid in many parts of the country. These breeds have a short coat, which helps them to stay cool and comfortable in the heat.

  2. Easy to train: The above breeds are generally easy to train, which makes them popular among dog owners in India. They are intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods, which makes them easy to teach new commands and tricks.

  3. Good with children: Many of the above breeds are known for their gentle and friendly nature, which makes them great companions for children. They are patient and tolerant, which means they are less likely to get irritated or aggressive when children play with them.

  4. Loyalty and protection: Some of the above breeds, such as the German Shepherd and Rottweiler, are known for their loyalty and protective nature. They are often used as guard dogs and can provide a sense of security to their owners.

  5. Popularity: Finally, some of the above breeds have become popular in India simply because of their popularity in other parts of the world. For example, the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever are popular breeds globally, and their popularity has translated to India as well.

Rotweiler - The Preferred Guard Dog
Rotweiler - The Preferred Guard Dog

Most of the commercials in India or Indian movies show dogs at home. Who can forget "Vodafone" featuring the Pug? Suddenly, everyone wanted a "Pug" as a pet. However, understanding the demands (incurring cost and Emotions) a pet puts on its owners is very important for a long-lasting relationship with a Furry friend.

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