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Aker BioMarine Knut Heggen Unveils Qrill Pet Krill Powered Excellence in Pet Nutrition Expert Insights

Sunil Dcosta

23 Nov 2023

Explore the krill-powered revolution in pet nutrition with Aker BioMarine's Knut Heggen. Qrill Pet: Expert Insights on Superior Health Benefits for Your Furry Friends Await

Knut Heggen – Senior Vice President Qrill Pet Sales
Knut Heggen – Senior Vice President Qrill Pet Sales

1) What is Aker BioMarine’s overarching mission in producing Antarctic Krill ingredients, specifically within the QRILL PET product line?

Knut Heggen: QRILL Pet is a brand of the biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, Aker BioMarine. Aker BioMarine’s mission is to improve human and animal health while protecting the health of the planet. QRILL Pet focuses on the health and well-being of pets around the world.


2) How does the company envision the role of QRILL PET in the broader context of pet nutrition and wellness?

Knut Heggen: Just as humans take supplements to compensate for their nutritional needs, the same applies to pets. Pets cannot naturally produce omega-3s on their own, so they need a nutritional supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids are important nutrients for pets and humans alike and this is where Antarctic krill comes into play. Krill has become an increasingly popular option in pet food, supplements, and treats because it’s a natural source of omega-3s. QRILL Pet is a functional marine ingredient that focuses on the needs of pets.


3) How does Aker BioMarine sustainably harvest Antarctic Krill for QRILL PET while protecting the Antarctic ecosystem?

Knut Heggen:Sustainability is paramount in the pet nutrition space. At Aker BioMarine, addressing global challenges like biodiversity loss, resource scarcity, lifestyle diseases, and climate change is integral. As part of our commitment, QRILL Pet has joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), a U.S.-based non-profit accelerating environmental and social sustainability in the pet industry. We believe PSC will drive positive impacts in the evolving landscape of pet nutrition.

4) How does QRILL PET meet the nutritional needs of pets? and, what advantages over traditional ingredients does it offer?

Knut Heggen: Antarctic Krill, a superior omega-3 source with astaxanthin, choline, and marine proteins, uniquely benefits cats and dogs at every life stage. QRILL Pet offers comprehensive health benefits, enhancing skin, coat, liver, joint, brain, and heart health, along with immune system function. Its efficiency lies in high EPA and DHA incorporation into pet cells, surpassing other omega-3 options.


5)How do QRILL PET products, particularly PL NUTRI Plus, contribute to joint and mobility support for pets?

Knut Heggen: Krill omega-3s in QRILL Pet PL NUTRI Plus address joint health concerns by reducing inflammation and alleviating joint pain from aging or osteoarthritis. The unique phospholipid binding enhances effective incorporation into tissues, crucial for joint health, setting it apart from traditional omega-3 sources.

6) How do PL OMEGA Plus and ASTA OMEGA Plus Oil offer essential omega fatty acids for pet benefits?

Knut Heggen: Omega-3 fatty acids play a pivotal role in pet health, yet their source matters. While plant-based ALA requires conversion to EPA and DHA for optimal benefits, the conversion rate is low. Marine omega-3s, especially phospholipid-bound ones from krill, surpass plant-based and triglyceride-bound alternatives. Recent studies highlight PL OMEGA Plus, an extra powerful phospholipid oil carrying EPA, DHA, choline, and astaxanthin. Its water and fat solubility offer an emulsifying effect, making it a high-premium supplement. ASTA OMEGA Plus, a dietary supplement, combines omega-3s and astaxanthin—a potent antioxidant supporting cell protection and immune system enhancement. This natural and traceable astaxanthin ensures optimal pet health, cognition, and longevity by preventing oxidative stress.

7) How does Aker BioMarine ensure QRILL PET products are nutritious and appealing to pets in taste and palatability?

Knut Heggen: Palatability is crucial in pet nutrition product development, encompassing taste, odor, and texture preferences. QRILL Pet, rich in marine proteins, offers high palatability and easy digestion. With a complete protein profile containing essential amino acids, it's an ideal pet diet component. A study by Aker BioMarine revealed that 9 out of 10 dogs preferred food with Antarctic krill, emphasizing their strong preference for the highly palatable marine proteins found in Antarctic dried krill meal.


8 How do QRILL PET products support pet digestive health, and have owners reported positive outcomes?

Knut Heggen: Digestive health is most certainly a major topic among pet owners. Krill oil’s EPA & DHA help manage digestive issues and inflammation in the body.

9) How does ASTA OMEGA Plus Oil from QRILL PET enhance pets' skin and coat? Any visible changes?

Knut Heggen: One condition that is very common in dogs is skin issues. From redness and inflammation to a variety of abnormal skin conditions, dogs may develop these problems from allergies, infections, and more. Essential fatty acids, like those found in QRILL Pet and ASTA OMEGA Plus oil, are essential in helping keep your pet’s skin barrier fit and coat shiny.


10) What feedback have veterinarians given on QRILL PET products and observed benefits?

Knut Heggen: For years, Aker BioMarine has been investigating the effects of krill on dogs, publishing several studies that document the health benefits and efficiency of QRILL Pet in raising the levels of omega-3 and choline in dogs. This is very important for veterinarians and the scientific community.

11)  Can pet owners expect long-term benefits from consistently using QRILL PET products in their diets?

Knut Heggen:Krill offers health advantages for pets throughout various life stages, serving as a preventive solution. Particularly beneficial for preventive brain health in dogs, krill supports the underdeveloped brains of puppies during the critical first 3-4 months. With DHA playing a crucial role in brain development, attention, memory, and trainability, the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in krill benefit both developing pups and the cognitive functions of older dogs. Making krill an ideal brain food for all age groups.

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