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Yamini Jaipuria Managing Trustee of Cosmo Foundation and Zigly Foundation leads pet care innovations and welfare initiatives


Sunil Dcosta

12 Dec 2023

Explore the World of Pet Care and Welfare as Ms. Yamini Jaipuria, Managing Trustee of Cosmo Foundation & Zigly Foundation, shares insights in an interview with Mr. Sunil Dcosta, Founder and Editor of Petzcareindia

Ms Yamini Jaipuria,Managing Trustee of Cosmo Foundation & Zigly Foundation
Ms Yamini Jaipuria ,Managing Trustee of Cosmo Foundation & Zigly Foundation

How did the idea for Zigly originate, and what inspired you to create a platform that offers a wide range of pet products and services?

Zigly finds its inspiration in the affectionate bond shared with pets and their unwavering love for us. My fur babies provided me with constant companionship and, boundless love and joy in my life. Being a pet parent, I realised one key challenge in the Indian pet care market was the lack of quality products and services for pets. Zigly's core philosophy is providing comprehensive pet care solutions that include health, hygiene, nutrition, and more. It would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and dedication of our team.


Zigly seems to emphasize both consistency and affordability in pet care. Can you share more about how you ensure these principles are maintained while providing quality products and services?

We offer consistent, high-quality pet care through a robust system. Our staff receive rigorous training, ensuring that they handle all types of pets with expertise. Their genuine love shines through, creating positive experiences for pets and their families. Standardized processes and continuous learning keep our staff updated with the latest industry developments, ensuring consistent, top-notch service. At our core, pet well-being is our top priority.


Mobile Pet Grooming is a unique service offered by Zigly. How did this idea come about, and what benefits does it bring to pet owners?

Doorstep pet grooming, or at-home pet grooming services, has gained popularity for its convenience. Amid the pandemic, pet adoptions surged, and with the return to normalcy, pet parents faced challenges managing grooming amidst office work. Mobile pet grooming addresses this by bringing grooming sessions to the pet owner's home. Ensuring pets receive care in a familiar environment, saving time and offering convenience for working pet parents, contributing to their pets' safety and well-being.


Zigly also offers vet-tele consultations. How has this service been received, and what impact do you foresee in the realm of accessible pet healthcare?

Zigly acknowledges the evolving pet care landscape and the surge in tele-vet demand due to accessibility and time-saving benefits. With a dedicated team of 10+ vets available from 10 AM - 7 PM, users can easily book tele-consultations on our website for concerns like wellness, prevention, skin health, and more. Choosing preferred vets enhances transparency, fostering trust among pet parents. We anticipate substantial revenue growth in the pet care industry through the rising popularity of vet-tele consultations on our platform.


Could you elaborate on how Zigly supports and empowers the caregivers on your team?

At Zigly, we empower caregivers and independent professionals to turn their love for pets into a thriving career and achieve financial freedom. We offer a clear path to equitable Income, backed by comprehensive training, diverse learning resources, and career advancement opportunities.


About Zigly Foundation


Can you share a specific success story or achievement that highlights the impact the foundation has had on the community of pets?

Zigly Foundation is a community of animal caregivers, pet parents, and animal lovers who share a deep affection for our furry friends. We help create a support system for pets in homes by empowering pet parents with knowledge and skills, undertaking awareness and education activities, and working with multiple stakeholders to create evidence-based resources that help animals. At Zigly Foundation, a primary initiative involves aiding pet parents in comprehending their pets' unexpressed needs and providing them with tools to enhance their pets' lives.


What kind of educational initiatives are in place?

Zigly Foundation collaborates with RWAs, educational institutions, and communities for interactive pet parenting Workshops, covering nutrition, healthcare, behavior, and emotional needs. We create and share scientific educational materials on responsible pet care, offering in-depth guidance based on best practices. These resources provided post-session, reinforce key messages. Our Compassionate Leadership Program employs volunteers for grassroots engagement, guiding pet shops and community spaces. This multifaceted approach aims to enhance pet parents' knowledge and skills conveniently, fostering responsible pet ownership.


Can you provide examples of such activities and the outcomes they aim to achieve in the long term?

Zigly Foundation actively promotes responsible pet parenting through diverse activities like talk shows and informative posts. The Compassionate Leadership Program spans a year, focusing on awareness, adoptions, and educating the public on responsible pet ownership. Educational sessions share pet care knowledge and encourage discussions on creating pet-friendly environments in housing societies. Collaborating with Delhi University, we engage young minds on issues like confinement and abandonment, emphasising the crucial role youth play in positive pet parenting. 

We aim for a nationwide impact by tackling pet parenting challenges, boosting awareness, and nurturing a cohesive support network for pet parents. The ultimate goal is to create a network that shares knowledge, experiences, and support.


How do these collaborations enhance the foundation's ability to create a positive impact on pet welfare, and who are some of your key partners?

Strategic collaborations significantly enhance the effectiveness of Zigly Foundation's efforts in promoting pet welfare. Key partnerships include alliances with Animal Husbandry and Urban Local Body Departments across states to implement comprehensive dog welfare guidelines, crafted with input from international and Indian experts. These guidelines, extending beyond general pet care, emphasize the specific responsibilities of pet parents, covering aspects like registration, vaccinations, and emotional enrichment for holistic pet well-being.


Moreover, collaborations with educational institutions, including colleges and universities, broaden the foundation's reach. Engaging with students, educators, and administrators fosters awareness of responsible pet care, establishing connections that contribute to a culture of empathy and understanding toward pets.


How does the Zigly Foundation gather and utilize data to contribute to the well-being of pets, both in homes and on the streets?

Zigly Foundation prioritizes evidence-based initiatives by actively collecting data for various programs. It includes compiling case studies of pet neglect cases nationwide and challenging misconceptions about pet security at home. The foundation also conducts on-the-ground data collection through community visits, vet dispensaries, and pet shops to assess Knowledge Attitude Practices (KAP) related to pet care. Zigly Foundation's evidence-based approach guarantees intricately tailored programs, effectively addressing the unique challenges confronted by pet parents.

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