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Sunil Dcosta

27 Mar 2024

Deepali Singh, Founder & CEO of, Explores Cutting- Edge Technology Transforming Pet Care with Sunil Dcosta, Editor of Petzcareindia, Unveiling Future Trends and Insights.

1. Can you provide an overview of and its mission in serving pet owners and parents across India?

Deepali Singh:, a pioneering platform dedicated to serving the needs of pet owners and parents in India, is revolutionizing the pet care landscape with its comprehensive and convenient services. Furthermore, the team is fortified by the expertise of Dr. Vinay Chhabra, a Co-Founder and a distinguished Chief Veterinary Officer with an experience of 29 years in providing compassionate care to animals. With a mission to foster a harmonious relationship between pets and their caregivers, provides a wide range of resources, information, and innovative solutions tailored to the diverse needs of pet owners across the country.

Deepali Singh , Founder & CEO,      Dr. Vinay Chhabra, Co-Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer,
Deepali Singh , Founder & CEO, Dr. Vinay Chhabra, Co-Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer,

2. How does curate and maintain its extensive database of veterinary services, trainers, groomers, pet stores, and shelters nationwide?

Deepali Singh: At the heart of lies an extensive database meticulously curated and maintained through a rigorous vetting process. Collaborating with reputable professionals, organizations, and businesses in the pet care industry ensures that the database includes a diverse range of services such as veterinary care, trainers, groomers, pet stores, shelters, and more. Regular updates and quality checks are conducted to uphold accuracy and reliability, providing pet owners with access to trusted resources and services.

3. What sets apart in terms of the services it offers compared to other platforms catering to pet owners in India?

Deepali Singh: Setting itself apart with a commitment to innovation and convenience, introduces unique solutions such as video vet consultancy. This groundbreaking service enables pet parents to seek expert advice and support remotely, addressing the challenges faced in areas with limited access to traditional veterinary care. The benefits of video vet consultancy include immediate access to professional guidance, scheduling flexibility, reduced pet stress, and cost-effectiveness compared to in-person consultations, particularly for minor concerns.

4. How does conduct video vet consultancy and its benefits?

Deepali Singh: prioritizes the quality and reliability of professionals listed in its database. The vetting process involves thorough verification of qualifications, certifications, and licenses, as well as background checks to uphold ethical standards and professionalism. Continuous monitoring of customer feedback and reviews further reinforces high standards of service delivery, offering pet owners peace of mind and confidence in the care their pets receive.

5. How does ensure the reliability of listed professionals for pet owners’ peace of mind?

Deepali Singh: Harnessing advanced technology, offers a user-friendly platform with secure communication channels for confidential consultations. Integrated scheduling tools streamline the booking process with service providers, while access to educational resources and pet care tips empowers informed decision-making. The mobile-responsive design ensures seamless browsing across devices, catering to the evolving needs of tech-savvy pet owners.

5. How does ensure easy access to pet services nationwide?

Deepali Singh: employs various strategies to ensure easy access to information and services. Localized content and language options cater to diverse regions, while advanced search filters allow users to find specific services, locations, and preferences effortlessly. Strategic partnerships with local businesses and community organizations expand outreach, making pet care resources more accessible to a wider audience.

6. Can you share any success stories or testimonials from pet owners who have utilized’s services, highlighting the tangible benefits they’ve experienced in caring for their pets?

Deepali Singh: takes pride in the success stories and testimonials from satisfied pet owners. These stories highlight tangible benefits such as improved pet health outcomes, enhanced caregiver knowledge, strengthened bonds between pets and families, and greater peace of mind knowing they have reliable access to professional support.

Testimonial Ms. Anu Deepika: “In a remote village without a vet hospital, my pet fell ill suddenly at night. Panicked, I turned to Dr. Vinay Chabbra provided immediate video consultation, and prescribed medicine, which helped my dog greatly. Grateful for the timely help. I’ll recommend to others”.
Testimonial 2 - Mr. Sahil Mansoori - “Just like I booked a slot for a vet consultant, after some time the myfurries team connected me to a vet with lots of experience and a good vet who understood my cat’s case very well. I would like to say thanks for this timely help to myfurries team”.

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