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Lola Worldwide: Expert Insights for Successful International Pet Relocation



20 Jul 2023

In a captivating interview with Lola Worldwide Pet relocation services Pvt Ltd, founders Nikhil Bakaya and Priya Evelyn Bakaya renowned experts in pet relocation, we delve into the crucial considerations, challenges, and expert advice surrounding the relocation of pets to international destinations.

Lola Worldwide Pet relocation Founder Nikhil Bakaya
Nikhil Bakaya, Founder - Lola Worldwide Pet relocation services

1. Can you share the story behind the establishment of Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation Services and what motivated you as passionate pet parents to venture into this field?

Nikhil Bakaya: Having been Passionate animal lovers since childhood both Priya and self , have always had pets, be it dogs, fish, birds, or turtles. Our respective family upbringing was similar in nature where giving love, care, and respect to all living creatures was instilled from the beginning.  Since we never had children, that space of parental love was poured on our two furry babies. It was only once they crossed, the rainbow bridge that Priya started a Niche Homestay for dogs as an ode to them called Fetching Pooches Homestay 15 years ago and we haven't looked back.

Since our main clientele was the expat diaspora, and HNI in gated communities- we have continued to cater to this niche profile all through referrals and built an extremely extensive database. 

It was during this journey that we got an opportunity to take care of a shitzu girl puppy named Lola when she was just 8 weeks old and our love bonding continued for the following 6 years until her departure back to her homeland Glasgow Scotland, though we continue to be a part of her life through constant video calls and messages. A lot of our clients would relocate from India to overseas and narrate dismal experiences with the relocation process and service providers. Urging us to transcend into this field and translate the same experiential service as the Homestay. The opportunity to fill this void and our continuing love for Lola facilitated the establishment of Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation. 

Priya Evelyn Bakaya - Co-founder, Lola Worldwide services Ptvt Ltd

2. In what ways does Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation Services go beyond the standard relocation services to understand and cater to the emotional needs of both pet parents and their furry companions?

Priya Evelyn Bakaya: Our enterprise motto " its not just about Relocating...its an Emotion..." personifies our core philosophy. Being pet parents ourselves who better to understand the anxiety and apprehension of not only the transition to a new country and the settling process for both the family and the furry companions but also the process of a transportation of a living being. 

Having built Goodwill for a bespoke end to end service experience based on transparency and integrity. We have meticulously scrutinized overseas agents on several parameters and hence partner with only the most reputed in the industry for import/export processing and door step delivery in country of destination for a complete bespoke experience. 

We only partner with leading International pet sensitive airlines. 

We are probably the only company which insist for an initial face to face meeting with the pet parents so as to ensure familiarization between both . This facilitates an environment of understanding and comfort. All queries no matter what, are explained in detail so that they're well informed. Unlike competitors we don't believe in sending a blanket template email but explain step by step process and are available 24×7 on phone or whatsapp. While others companies charge a retainer in the very beginning for the above we don't believe in doing so.

3. How does Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation Services ensure a personalized and comforting experience for pet parents during the relocation process?

Nikhil Bakaya: We Unlike others believe in Quality versus quantity since more than numbers we firmly believe that a bespoke experience helps develop brand ambassadors through our clients.

Till date  unlike competitors the Founders are themselves present physically on the date of departure to see off the pet which normally implies 5-6 hours at Cargo division and mostly till 2/3 am in the morning. During this period Live video updates are sent to anxious and awaiting pet parents, the satisfaction and joy of safely seeing off the pet and reuniting with their families is priceless and unquantifiable. 

Also if the parents have to leave before the Quarantine period in India as is required in certain countries the pet is taken care of by our very own Homestay ensuring that it's safe and healthy before travel thereby making it a one-stop solution in the true sense.

4. Can you explain the significance of personally meeting the pet parents and their pets, especially in the context of building trust and familiarity throughout the relocation journey?

Priya Evelyn Bakaya: All veterinary documentation and processing is done from the same Doctor who has been attending to the pet no matter which location in the city , this further provides reassurance to the clients.

Exclusive to others we provide Homestay facility before departure operated by ourselves,  Guidance on anxiety management,  customized meal plans before flight and Crate training before transportation and Air-conditioned Pet cab service. 

Another Exclusive is " Air Buddy " wherein one of the Founders personally travels with the pet and personally reunites the family with their furry companion at their door step.

All these initatives and help gives confidence to the pet parents and our familarisation with the pets before hand reduces anxiety, builds trust and familiarity throughout the relocation journey.

5.  How do the co-founders' individual areas of expertise contribute to the seamless front-end handling of the relocation process?

Nikhil Bakaya: Before joining the pet industry I had a cherished hospitality career leaving it at a top management level with the best in the industry both in india and overseas. Delivering delightful customer experience is in my DNA. 

Priya was with both the hospitality/ Airlines industry. She being of Dutch lineage is part of several ex-pat groups, well known and respected in the pet industry for her tireless work with NGOs, rescues, Sterilization and adoption of pets. She being a Social influencer also has its advantages.  Moreover, we have been brand ambassadors and Marketing heads for various pet brands in the past hence well known in pet circles. 

6. Lastly, what message would you like to convey to pet parents who may be hesitant about relocating their furry companions, emphasizing the importance of entrusting their pets to Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation Services?

Priya Evelyn Bakaya: Taking a step further in this regard " Charter flight " for pet relocation will soon be launched as a premium service. 

The Relocation can be seamless, safe, and hassle-free when you associate with Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation a renowned professional enterprise operated by Pet Parents for pet parents  !!. 

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