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JUSTDOGS: Pioneering Pet Care Excellence and Community in India Market


Sunil Dcosta

3 Apr 2024

An Interview with Ashish Anthony, Founder of JUSTDOGS, by Sunil Dcosta, Petzcareindia Editor: Unveiling Insights into India's Pet Market Dynamics.

1. Can you tell us about the founding vision behind “JUSTDOGS” and how it has evolved since its inception in the Indian market?

ASHISH ANTHONY: Before starting JUSTDOGS, I was a pet parent to six dogs, and most of the time I found myself asking my relatives residing abroad for pet care products. When I had the opportunity to convert my passion and love for pets into a thriving business, I grabbed it and founded JUSTDOGS with my wife Poorvi Anthony in 2011. Since it has been a journey of spreading ‘Unconditional Love’, today JUSTDOGS has become synonymous with pet care. Now JUSTDOGS is India’s first omnichannel pet care retailer, with a massive presence of 50+ stores in 22 Indian cities.

Ashish Anthony, Founder, JUSTDOGS . Poorvi Anthony, Co-Founder, JUSTDOGS.

2. What sets “JUSTDOGS” apart regarding the brands and quality of products it offers for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals in the Indian pet market?

ASHISH ANTHONY: ‘We don’t sell, we counsel’, JUSTDOGS believes in creating a loyal relationship with pets and pet parents. We foster an environment where every person who walks into our stores may or may not buy something but leaves with a deeper consideration for their pet. We envision becoming an integral part of pet parents’ lives, that enables their pets to live a happy, healthy, and long life. We provide the best to our customers, with 300+ brands and 16,000+ SKUs available. When we onboard a product segment, we ensure proper quality testing, and rigorous research to review palatability and ingredients. JUSTDOGS is a non-judgemental friend to a pet parent who is there in all the highs and lows, providing the best advice. Our unwavering commitment to quality is what makes us JUSTDOGS.

3. How many retail outlets does “JUSTDOGS” currently have across India, and what are your plans for expansion in the coming years?

ASHISH ANTHONY: Since its inception in 2011, JUSTDOGS has been writing the bible of the pet care industry. We have a massive retail presence, with 50+ stores across 22 Indian cities, with our omnichannel approach we are activating all the touch points providing the best customer experience, from retail stores to contemporary apps and e-commerce websites, to fun and happening pet parents, we are building the community of pet parents, pet enthusiasts, pet lovers and pet experts to uplift the experience of being a pet parent. We are envisioning expanding our JUSTDOGS world to 75+ stores by 2025.

4. Could you provide insights into the selection process for the brands you offer? How do you ensure that they meet the standards and preferences of Indian pet owners?

ASHISH ANTHONY: We at JUSTDOGS follow rigorous international selection standards such as AAFCO, and BRCGS Certifications. While selecting brands we ensure that the products should add value to a pet parent’s journey. Basic questions like “Will this add value to a pet’s nutrition or their daily lives” are the first place we go to. We often look at products personally and use them with our bunch of pets to ensure that the products we sell are useful and needed by pet parents.

5. In the realm of pet care services, does “JUSTDOGS” provide Pet Spa services? If so, could you elaborate on the range of services available and whether they are accessible across all your stores in India?

ASHISH ANTHONY: JUSTDOGS offers premium pet spa services, and each service is curated to provide the ultimate sense of rejuvenation to pets. With trained experts and professional grooming tools, we provide an amalgamation of lush services that cater to the requirements of each pet.

We have everything from aromatherapeutic products to upgraded tools, to hydrotherapy spas (Microbubble baths) to provide luxurious indulgence.

6. As a leader in the pet retail industry, how does “JUSTDOGS” stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in pet nutrition, healthcare, and overall well-being?

ASHISH ANTHONY: JUSTDOGS collaborates with animal nutritionists and behaviourists nationwide, enhancing our understanding of pet food formulations and behavioural issues. We foster a vibrant community through regular social gatherings, facilitating connections and knowledge-sharing among pet parents. Partnering with the Feline Club of India extends our reach to cat owners.

We stay informed by subscribing to research publications and databases, ensuring access to the latest pet care advancements. Collaborations with pet tech companies enable us to integrate innovative solutions. These efforts underscore our commitment to empowering pet parents with the knowledge and resources for their furry companions’ well-being.

7. Looking ahead, what are the key initiatives and goals that “JUSTDOGS” aims to accomplish to further enhance the pet ownership experience in India and strengthen its position in the market?

ASHISH ANTHONY: JUSTDOGS strives to enhance the pet parenting experience in India by expanding our product range to include specialized gear and tailored food formulations. We’re embracing the digital revolution with user-friendly mobile apps and online platforms, offering consultations, loyalty programs, and subscription services. Exceptional customer service remains our priority, with improved after-sales support and educational resources via our website and social media. We’re committed to community-building through social events, sponsoring pet-related activities, and fostering online connections. Strategic partnerships with shelters, rescues, and training schools enable us to give back to the welfare community and promote adoption. Our goal is to be India’s premier pet care destination, empowering parents with knowledge and resources while solidifying our leading brand position.

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