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Interview with Director Priyanka Kannan: Soul Licks Revolutionizes Pet Nutrition with Quick-Dissolving Oral Strips


Sunil Dcosta

9 Jun 2023

Nurturing pets naturally: Soul Licks' oral strips provide holistic care with natural ingredients, fostering well-being and strengthening the bond between pets and their owners.

1. Can you share with us the vision and mission of Soul Licks when it comes to providing pet product supplements for pet owners and pet parents?

Priyanka Kannan: The mission of Soul Licks is to make pet nutrition quick, easy & frictionless with our quick-dissolving oral strips. The long term vision of Soul Licks is to provide high quality nutrition for pets around the world & make nutrition something that pets look forward to, instead of shying away from. 

2. What inspired the founding of Soul Licks and how does that inspiration contribute to the company's vision for supporting pet owners and pet parents?

Priyanka Kannan: Being a pet parent myself, I & my cofounders noticed that giving pills or multivitamins to pets is a really tough task. They're experts at spitting out foods they don't like. So most pet parents have to resort to forcing these pills down their throats. So we thought why not use the latest oral dissolving strips technology & make a nutrition range for pets? That's how Soul Licks came into being. By focusing on reducing such friction during feeding, we're making the process fun & sustainable for both the pet & the pet parent.

3. How does Soul Licks differentiate itself from other pet product supplement companies in terms of its approach, values, and commitment to pet owners and pet parents? 

Priyanka Kannan: All our products are Vegan, Sugar-Free & Free from harmful chemicals. Our core approach is to create products that make the pet's life & the pet parent's life easier. Soul Licks is one of the few brands worldwide to offer 10 SKUs. This is in keeping with our convenience-centered philosophy. Pet parents can get nutrition for any & every wellness need their pet can have. 

4. Soul Licks emphasizes the use of natural ingredients in its pet product supplements. How does this align with the company's vision for the well-being and health of pets and their owners?

Priyanka Kannan: Natural & Vegan ingredients work holistically with the body, to provide preventive & supportive care, without overloading the pet's system with harsh activities. Natural ingredients also come with Zero side effects & reactions. Hence the emphasis. It's our way of providing the best, trusted care to pets & their parents.

5. Could you provide insights into the research and development process at Soul Licks? How does it ensure that the supplements meet the specific needs and expectations of pet owners and pet parents?

Priyanka Kannan: All our ingredients & formulations are chosen based on scientific studies and/or clinical trials. Our R&D team sources actives & ingredients from the highest potency sources from around the world. All this is done to ensure pets & pet parents get the most effective results while keeping the formulations 100% safe to consume. 

6. Soul Licks places importance on transparency and quality assurance. How does the company ensure that pet owners and pet parents can trust the safety and efficacy of its supplements?

Priyanka Kannan: Our products come with a number of international certifications provided as an assurance of adherence to global standards. Our certifications are:

Health Canada, GMP, Halal, FDA registered

We also work with local regulatory authorities, to ensure all relevant information about our products is available on our packaging & all ingredients/formulations follow the legal health & wellness protocols. 

7. Can you discuss any specific initiatives or programs that Soul Licks has implemented to educate and empower pet owners and pet parents about the benefits and usage of its products?

Priyanka Kannan: Since this is a relatively new format for pets, we've illustrated benefits & usage clearly in all communication that goes out from the brand. Apart from this, we're also sending out samples to pet owners so they can try them out with their pets & see how our oral strips work. 

8. How does Soul Licks engage with its customers, including pet owners and pet parents, to gather feedback and address their concerns? How does this engagement align with the company's vision for building strong relationships with its customers?

Priyanka Kannan: We have a growing social community on Instagram & Facebook, where we get lots of comments/suggestions about our products. We also participate in pet expos, where we interface with a lot of pet owners & other stakeholders like vets etc - who provide detailed feedback & give us a great opportunity to better our products over time. 

9. Can you elaborate on how the company integrates eco-conscious practices into its operations and product offerings, benefiting both pets and their owners?

Priyanka Kannan: Our preference for natural & vegan products ensures we procure ingredients & formulations only from sustainable, eco-conscious vendors. Our oral strip manufacturing facilities are also FDA-approved, ensuring pets & pet parents get only the safest, guilt-free, most natural nutrition ever created. 

10. Looking forward, what are Soul Licks' future plans and aspirations regarding its relationship with pet owners and pet parents? How will the company continue to evolve to meet its changing needs and expectations?

Priyanka Kannan: Going forward, we're aiming to expand our offerings to all our furry friends around the globe - not just cats & dogs. And since we have a finger on the social pulse of our userbase, we aim to analyze needs & develop solutions quickly to meet the changing needs & expectations of our customers.

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