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In Conversation with Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: Plushpaws Journey and Innovations


Sunil Dcosta

9 Jul 2024

Founder Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi Discusses Plushpaws with Editor of Petzcareindia, Sunil Dcosta, Exploring Growth and Unique Pet Products

  • What inspired the founding of Plushpaws brand , and what values does the company prioritize in its operations?

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” “Your work will fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”– Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple Inc.14 Jun 2022

Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi  - Founder, Plush Paws
Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi - Founder, Plush Paws

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi:I come from a background where knowledge plays a very important role in our lives. My both parents were eminent veterinary scientists and a very well-known name in the scientific community. I grew up around pets when I was young, and I always thought it would be fascinating to work with animals. After working for 20plus years in the veterinary industry I finally felt that I must fulfill my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and should prioritize the health, well-being, and happiness of dogs and cats.

We at Plushpaws prioritize high-quality, natural, and nutritious food options. The evolution in the pet parent mindset has led to the demand for specialized and premium pet food products. Our products are made with love and are pocket-friendly for the consumer.

  • How has Plushpaws established itself within the local pet community since its inception in 2023?

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: Plushpaws follows the traditional system and goes to the market strategy by connecting with the different stakeholders in the value chain of the industry which I learned in my first assignment. We are in constant touch with eminent veterinarians, established retailers, and wholesalers who understand the gaps in the product offerings and issues faced by pet parents. We endeavor to bring innovation in the development and formulation of pet products.



  • Could you describe some of the unique features or benefits of Plushpaws' new Chicken Biryani for dogs and cats?

            Chicken Biryani for Dogs-

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: Rich in high-quality chicken protein. This special formula is enriched with collagen. Collagen helps to boost the total. body health of dogs. It helps to build strong bones, joints, cartilage, connective tissues, and blood vessels. Providing a good supply of collagen in the diet helps maintain skin elasticity and support skin and fur health while  boosting the immune system

Fish Biryani for cats-

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: With a strong focus on high-quality 100% fish protein ingredients, ensure your feline companion receives the nutrients they require to stay agile and maintain strong bones. The added collagen will help increase their vitality and movement and will help support healthy skin and soft and shiny fur.

Bentonite Cat Litter from Plush Paws
Bentonite Cat Litter from Plush Paws

  • What considerations and research went into developing Plushpaws' range of cat litter products?

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: Cats are happy with unscented cat litter it’s the owner who prefers fragrance in the house. Keeping that in mind our cat litter has a mild level of lavender fragrance keeping both the cat and the owner happy. Good clumping, dust-free, and, soft on the paws of the cat.

  •     How does Plushpaws ensure the availability of its products across different regions or markets?

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: We are right now in the process of establishing our distribution channels. We intend to target the major cities initially.

  • Can you explain the distribution strategy employed by Plushpaws to reach both retail stores and online customers effectively?

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: We have our selective distributors/wholesalers to manage the availability of products in the retail stores. We plan to go online after we have established ourselves through traditional distribution channels.


  •  How does Plushpaws collect and utilize customer feedback to improve its products and services?

Dr.Vaishali Bhat Vishnoi: The product is tried and tested before being launched into the market. Apart from this, we have a 100% return policy. Feedbacks are all appreciated and respected.

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