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FiloMilo: Transforming Pet Wellness with Ayurvedic Traditions


Sunil Dcosta

15 Mar 2024

Engaging in dialogue with Sunil Dcosta, Editor of Petzcareindia, Brindha Prabhu, one of the founders of FiloMilo, delves into the Ayurvedic methodologies employed by their company in pet care. She shares insights into how FiloMilo prioritizes holistic pet wellness and hints at what lies ahead in this evolving field.

Brindha VijayaKumar,co-founder, Filomilo
Brindha VijayaKumar, co-founder, Filomilo

1. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind founding FiloMilo and what sets your brand apart in the pet care industry?

Brindha Prabhu: In 2021, TABPS Pets Private Limited was founded by a team of visionary entrepreneurs – Prabhu Gandhikumar, Arun Mukerjee, Soumya Malani. and me. United by passion for pet care and a commitment to innovation, we set out to establish a company dedicated to providing premium quality pet products.

FiloMilo was founded on a passion for pets, aiming to provide top-quality care products. Our unique approach incorporates ayurvedic ingredients, inspired by ancient Indian wisdom, to promote pets’ well-being naturally. Unlike conventional products, we avoid harsh chemicals, prioritizing gentle yet effective solutions. From calming shampoos to nourishing treats, each FiloMilo product is tailored to pets’ needs. Our commitment to holistic care distinguishes us, ensuring pets thrive with natural, safe, and effective ingredients. FiloMilo stands out as a brand deeply devoted to enhancing pets’ health and happiness, strengthening the bond between animals and their owners.

2. What is FiloMilo’s vision and mission when it comes to pet health and nutrition, particularly in the context of incorporating Ayurvedic principles?

Brindha Prabhu: FiloMilo’s vision is to globalize Ayurvedic wisdom, revolutionizing pet care with holistic principles. We advocate for pets’ holistic well-being, educating owners on Ayurveda’s benefits. Our mission is to innovate pet care products, leveraging Ayurveda for targeted health solutions, from digestion to joint health and coat condition. We aim to provide comprehensive care, nourishing pets’ bodies, minds, and spirits, while empowering owners to make informed choices for their pets’ vitality and longevity.

3. How does FiloMilo ensure the quality and safety of its products, particularly with the use of Ayurvedic ingredients like Brahmi powder?

Brindha Prabhu: To ensure quality we carefully select suppliers adhering to strict quality standards. We insist they conduct thorough assessments of ingredient sources, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements and are also free from contaminants.

Ayurvedic ingredients like Brahmi powder undergo thorough inspection and testing to verify their quality and efficacy.

Through stringent quality control measures, regulatory compliance, research, and collaboration with experts, We under FiloMilo strive to deliver nutritious and safe pet food options.

4. What specific benefits does Brahmi powder offer in your functional pet treats, and how does it contribute to the overall well-being of dogs and cats?

Brindha Prabhu: Brahmi powder, derived from Bacopa monnieri, offers numerous benefits in functional pet treats for dogs and cats. Rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and saponins, it helps neutralize free radicals, supporting overall health. Brahmi may improve skin and coat health, alleviating dryness, itching, and dandruff. In pet treats, it aids digestion and nutrient absorption, promoting gastrointestinal well-being. Overall, Brahmi powder contributes to pets’ well-being by supporting cognitive function, stress management, and immune system health. Integrating Brahmi into functional treats enhances pets’ overall health and vitality.

5. How do you source these ingredients, and what measures are taken to maintain their freshness and nutritional integrity?

Brindha Prabhu: We collaborate with trusted suppliers for responsibly sourced chicken meat, meeting stringent animal welfare and safety criteria. Extensive testing guarantees its quality, freshness, and purity. Our Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite complex (MCHC) undergoes thorough analysis by certified suppliers, ensuring efficacy and purity. Ingredients are processed gently to preserve freshness and nutrients. Packaging materials safeguard against moisture, oxygen, and light, maintaining product freshness. Storage conditions prevent degradation, ensuring optimal quality. Shelf life testing guarantees stability and nutritional integrity over time.

We prioritize high-quality ingredients and stringent quality control measures, ensuring the safety, freshness, and nutritional value of our products. This commitment extends to items containing real chicken meat, MCHC, and Ayurvedic components.

6. How do vets and nutritionists contribute to the research-driven pet food development?

Brindha Prabhu: At FiloMilo, we meticulously analyze dogs’ and cats’ nutritional requirements, considering factors like age, breed, and activity level. Our research identifies premium ingredients rich in essential nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Nutritionists and veterinarians collaborate to formulate pet foods exceeding established guidelines, ensuring digestibility and balanced nutrition. We consult with experts in pet nutrition, including veterinarians and board-certified nutritionists, to refine formulations. Our commitment to ongoing research ensures our products reflect the latest advancements in pet nutrition, promoting pets’ overall health and well-being.

7. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the pet care industry. How does FiloMilo approach sustainability in its production processes and packaging?

Brindha Prabhu: We prioritize ingredients and sustainable raw material and packing material sourcing, which not only benefit your pet’s well-being but also the planet. We opt for packaging made from recyclable materials and to minimize waste during production. Additionally in our manufacturing process, we adopt processes with less water utilisation thus conserving this valuable resource.

8. Can you share any insights into FiloMilo’s future plans for product development and expansion?

Brindha Prabhu: FiloMilo’s dry food introduction expands its lineup, blending convenience with Ayurvedic principles. Providing a full range for dogs and cats highlights our dedication to all pet owners. Global export ambitions aim to broaden market reach and advance holistic pet care dialogues. Research and development investments refine product formulations for quality and efficacy. Strategic partnerships and distribution channels facilitate global market access and streamline product distribution.

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