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Exciting Innovative Technology Solutions from Captain India to Keep Your Pet Safe


Sunil Dcosta

30 Jun 2023

Mr. Amit Bhatt - Head of Operation, discusses the inspiration behind Captain India's focus on pet safety and the development of comprehensive tools and services for pet owners.

Mr.Amit Bhatt - Head of operations, Captain India
Mr.Amit Bhatt - Head of Operations, Captain India

1. What is Captain India’s long-term vision for pet owners, and how do you see the company contributing to the overall well-being and safety of pets in the future? Are there any upcoming plans or innovations that you can share?

Amit Bhatt: Captain India – My Safety Superhero is a new-age tech in the domain of Life Safety for both Pet and Human Life. Our journey of 1000 miles has just begun. Our management team has a clearly defined vision #nomorepet loss. Our intrinsic knowledge of safety coupled with the deep emotions attached to Pet Safety by Pet Owners motivated us to curate life safety services for the pet's wellbeing. Historically, our management team, has been thought leaders in Safety and Security domain and now expanding this experience by introducing many futuristic tech services for Pet Wellbeing. We have a strong tech roadmap for Pet Safety, at this point, we do not wish to reveal our plans.

2. I'm curious to know what inspired the creation of Captain India and its focus on pet safety. Could you please share the story behind the idea and what motivated the company to develop such comprehensive tools and services for pet owners?

Amit Bhatt: Captain India is inspired by the aura of the global superhero Captain America. In 1994, the current management team was selling mobile phones. In those days, no one ever imagined that one day these very mobile phones will be ubiquitous in our daily existence. The moot question asked ‘ If mobile phones can do everything we need today, why not Safety?’. With this eureka idea, Captain India was ideated for Life Safety. Once done, it was then decided to break this down into use cases like Pet Safety, Senior Citizen Safety, Road Safety, and Enterprise Safety. Backed by consumer insights, product-market fit, and solving problem statement solutions, Captain India's birth took place. The initial response has been an ‘Aha’ moment for all of us. The start has been encouraging, all we need now to do is to amplify our efforts and make it a stupendous success.

3. How does the "Find My Pet" support feature work? Could you walk me through the process of raising an alert about a missing pet using the Captain India App and how the safety officers are notified and connected with the pet finder?

Amit Bhatt: If you have a Captain India QR Code Tag on the collar of your beloved pet, in case your pet missing, on the Captain India App you can raise an alert about your missing pet. Our 24/7 Command Service Station gets notified and our safety officers are now in constant vigil to find your missing pet. In the eventuality, someone finds your missing pet, once they scan the QR Code, an instant alert is received at the Safety Command Station. Our safety officers will connect to the pet finder to rescue your pet for a safe return. Alternatively, If the person who finds your pet scans the QR code, they can use the pet parent's coordinates to contact for the return of the pet. It’s important to make sure the information linked to the QR code is up-to-date and accurate so that you can be reached in case of any emergency. The Pet QR code will contain the following information provided by the pet parents: Pet’s name, Pet Parents contact information and any medical conditions or special needs your pet may have.


4. What measures does Captain India take to ensure the security and privacy of the information linked to the Pet QR code? Can pet parents have confidence that their personal information will be handled securely?


Amit Bhatt: Captain India is brought by technocrats and entrepreneurs having more than 30 years of unblemished safety records, we eat, sleep, and dream safety. Our customers have trusted us for over 30 years, they will continue to trust us. Our data is stored in the AWS cloud, well-protected and ring-fenced. 


5. Can you share any success stories or instances where the "Find My Pet" support feature has helped reunite lost pets with their owners? It would be great to hear about this feature’s impact on pet owners' lives.

Amit Bhatt: 1 in 10 pets gets lost/accidentally loses the path and gets separated from their pet parents. We understand the pain a pet and especially the pet parent goes thru during separation & pray it should never happen. That’s where Captain India comes to their rescue.

It’s just the start of our journey and to date, we haven’t encountered any major instances except for one at an event. A pet parent bought a Captain India Pet Safety tag and configured it at the event. Coincidently the pet (Pug named “Blu") wasn’t on a leash and lost way in the highly crowded event. Before an announcement could be made, an event staff found the pet wandering near the backstage area. The event staff, being a pet lover, identified the confusion the terrified pet was going through. She picked it up and on seeing a tag stating “SCAN ME & SAVE ME”, she scanned the tag on the pet’s collar. She got all details including the pet owner's contact and the pet parent was reunited with his beloved one.


6. How does the Paw Cam feature benefit pet owners? Could you provide more details about the camera's capabilities, such as two-way talk, night-vision, and the micro SD card slot? How does this feature help ensure the safety and well-being of pets when their owners are away?


Amit Bhatt: Our pet cameras are cool and feature-rich. Its loaded with many features like Indoor Wi–Fi, 2-way Talk function, 360-degree Pan/ Tilt/ Night Vision, Micro SD up to 256 GB, and works with Alexa and Google. 


7. In the "What's Nearby" feature, how does Captain India determine the pet-friendly amenities in an area? Is there a vetting process or specific criteria used to identify and list these establishments?

Amit Bhatt: We use multiple sources to gather detailed information related to pet-friendly amenities. These are then verified before publishing on the “What’s Nearby” feature. This ensures that the pet parent gets verified detail instead of generic results normally received using known free search engines. The pet parent gets the amenities information including contact number & direction tab for navigation, helping them in informed decision making especially during an emergency when they are in a new location/region. This feature covers Pan India.

8. Can pet owners contribute to the database of pet-friendly amenities in their area? For example, if they come across a new pet-friendly cafe or park, can they suggest adding it to the list?


Amit Bhatt: Yes, absolutely, since we are on a community-building path with all the Pet Owners. We strongly encourage Pet Owners to share experiences, information, videos, and post related to any matter for Pet Safety, Security, and Wellbeing. 


9. Are there plans to expand the range of pet-friendly amenities covered by the "What's Nearby" feature? How does Captain India ensure that the database stays updated with new establishments and changes in the existing ones?

Amit Bhatt: Yes, 100%. We at Captain India consider our esteemed customers feedbacks with high importance. Our data mining & tech experts are working on these features which will be available to all Captain India App users soon. We do periodic checks to ensure data sanity. 

10. How does Captain India handle customer support services for pet well-being? What types of assistance can pet owners expect when they reach out to the support team? Are there any additional resources or partnerships in place to provide comprehensive support?

Amit Bhatt: We are in an era of collaborative partnerships and we strongly believe in it. We are building an ecosystem that will truly benefit pet parents. Having said that, we must ensure due diligence for every partnership of the offerings before making it available to our esteemed pet parents, both in terms of quality and value.

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