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Dr.Shashank Sinha, CEO of Drools, Unveils the Future of Pet Nutrition: A Journey of Innovation, Excellence, and Furry Friend Well-being


Sunil Dcosta - Founder, Petzcareindia

6 Oct 2023

Unveiling the Future of Pet Wellness: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Shashank Sinha, CEO of Drools, Delving into the Dynamics of Pet Nutrition and Innovation, in Conversation with Mr. Sunil Dcosta, Founder and Editor of PetZcareindia.

1. Could you elaborate on Drools' mission and the core values shaping its operations within the pet product industry?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: Drools, a brand nurtured under the Indian Broiler Group (IB Group), is synonymous with healthy, balanced, and nutritious pet food. Established in 2010, Drools embarked on a mission to craft superior pet nutrition with the ethos of "Feed Real, Feed Clean."

As India's sole MNC pet food company, Drools caters to a vast number of pets within the country, offering a diverse product range across various price points to meet the discerning needs of pet parents. With a robust 38% market share, Drools stands as a dominant force in the Indian pet product industry, gaining prominence internationally as well.

At Drools, our dedication extends beyond business success. We strive to enhance the lives of pets and their owners while upholding values of quality, sustainability, and community engagement. Emphasizing ingredient quality and nutritional value, we utilize high-grade, human-quality ingredients and adhere to stringent quality control measures. Sustainability is woven into our fabric, reflected in responsible practices and eco-conscious efforts across all operations. We actively contribute to communities through initiatives like food donation drives, supporting animal shelters and NGOs. Innovation fuels our progress, inspiring the creation of advanced pet products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of both pets and their caregivers.

2. How does Drools' range of pet products, spanning dry and wet food, treats, and prescription diets, cater to pets'; unique nutritional needs?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: Drools' wide-ranging products are crafted to fulfill the distinct nutritional demands of both dogs and cats. Our selection comprises dry and wet food, prescription diets, and treats, meticulously tailored to suit various dietary preferences, life stages, breeds, and specific health needs.

3. Regarding prescription diets, can you elaborate on Drools'research and development process to create tailored diets for pets' health concerns?

Dr.Shashank Sinha:Drools' prescription diets are tailored to meet the distinct health and dietary needs of cats and dogs. Typically recommended for specific conditions such as obesity, skin allergies, or renal disorders, these diets address various health concerns including joint problems and coat issues. Vet Pro, our prescription diet line, is exclusively accessible through veterinarians, ensuring proper guidance and administration.

4. How does Drools prioritize both quality and affordability, ensuring accessibility for diverse pet owners without compromising nutrition and safety?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: We ensure quality through stringent control, checking raw materials, and regular tests on finished products. Reputable suppliers, adherence to manufacturing standards, and nutritionists overseeing development maintain our standards. Regular internal and third-party lab quality assurance tests are conducted for all our products across various price ranges.

5. Regarding cats, could you detail Drools' approach to cat food, emphasizing how the company addresses feline preferences and needs?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: Drools, India's leading cat food brand, is renowned for its superior quality and nutrition. Offering a range of formulas tailored to all cat types, Drools prioritizes high-quality ingredients. With a holistic approach, Drools caters to feline companions through a diverse product range, including treats, designed to meet unique preferences. Special emphasis is placed on indoor cats, addressing their specific needs. The dry cat food selection boasts four flavors, carefully crafted with the finest real ingredients to provide optimal nutrition for your beloved feline.

6. How do Drools ensure treats are both enticing and beneficial for pets' health?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: Years of dedicated research have gone into perfecting Drools treats, aiming to delight pets while enhancing their health. Nutritionally dense and thoughtfully crafted, these treats ensure essential nutrient intake and optimal absorption. Tailored to various life stages, they contribute to pets' health and longevity. Stringent quality control measures are applied in manufacturing to guarantee each treat meets the highest standards of excellence.

7. Amid rising sustainability concerns, how does Drools balance eco-friendly practices with product excellence in sourcing and packaging?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: At Drools, we emphasize sustainable growth and responsible business practices, focusing on top-tier pet food products. Our priority is ingredient quality, sourcing from reputable suppliers who uphold strict standards and use human-grade elements. We ensure safety and consistency through rigorous manufacturing and quality assurance. Furthermore, our commitment to environmental sustainability drives efforts in waste reduction, resource conservation, and promoting eco-friendly practices across our operations.

8. Educating pet owners about their companions' dietary needs can be challenging. What measures does Drools implement to empower informed choices?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: At Drools, our focus is on pets and pet parents. Our omnichannel approach allows us to educate pet owners on ideal nutrition and clean ingredients for their beloved pets. We are committed to empowering pet owners through social media, partnering with experts to share insights on pet nutrition. Interactive sessions and personalized dietary guidelines further foster a supportive community and informed decision-making among pet parents.

9. In a competitive pet product market, how does Drools set itself apart and maintain industry leadership through effective strategies?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: At Drools, strategic partnerships with veterinarians, reputable breeders, and celebrity endorsements have been instrumental in enhancing our brand's credibility and expanding market visibility.

Embracing omnichannel marketing, including e-commerce, has allowed us to deliver a seamless customer experience. Our e-commerce sales have surged impressively from 4 percent to 27 percent, reaching even remote pin codes. Recognizing the demand for swift pet food purchases, we've responded by facilitating quick commerce, catering to customers' last-minute needs, and reinforcing our brand's success and growth strategy.

10. As a CEO, could you recount a critical instance where Drools faced a major challenge, and how your leadership navigated it?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: While facing numerous challenges, a crucial decision was expanding into other pet industry verticals such as diagnostic centers or retail chains when Drools was small in the pet food business. Yet, maintaining focus on core strength—manufacturing and building a pet food brand—proved vital. Success takes time, but it's inevitable.

11. What does Drools envision for the future of pet nutrition and well-being? Any upcoming innovations to share?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: At Drools, we prioritize a robust future by providing top-tier pet food and adhering to responsible business practices. Investing significantly in R&D and stringent quality checks, we maintain taste and consistency. Through continuous innovation, our dedicated team of nutritionists and veterinarians creates superior food formulations, aligning with evolving pet owner needs, and showcasing our commitment to excellence.

12. As a CEO, constant decision-making and responsibility are intrinsic. Sharing personal insights, what drives you, and the rewarding aspects of leading Drools?

Dr.Shashank Sinha: I firmly advocate for lifelong learning and personal advancement. During my tenure at Drools, I've had ample opportunities for growth and learning, gaining exposure to diverse facets of the business both locally and globally. Leading teams, managing supply chains, and understanding various aspects of the business landscape have enriched my experience. Working with a brand in its foundational stages has been immensely valuable, and Iam thankful for my devoted team's collaboration and passion.

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