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Dr. Rajesh Kamble Unveils Innovations at Rossari Pet Care Division for Pet Well-being


Sunil Dcosta

24 Jan 2024

Dr. Rajesh Kamble, a veterinary expert from Rossari Pet Care Division, spearheads pioneering pet care innovations, ensuring optimal health, safety, and well-being for beloved companions

Dr.Rajesh Kamble - Rossari Biotech
Dr.Rajesh Kamble - Rossari Biotech

1. Can you provide an overview of Rossari’s Pet Care Division and its role within the larger brand, Lozalo?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: Rossari’s pet care division offers a wide range of power-packed diet and grooming products for pets. We offer high-quality products that will ensure that your pawed companions get the best care they deserve. We aim to be the most respected company in the market by enriching people’s unique relationships with their pets.

2. What inspired the creation of Rossari Pet Care Division in 2019, and what were the specific needs or gaps in the Indian pet care market that led to this initiative?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: To give need-based quality products to Pet Owners and Parents Need-based products were missing for Pets at that time hence this was a huge gap in the market, especially in specialized Dog food enriched with high-quality ingredients. Hence we thought filling in that gap was a necessity.

3. Your product range is quite extensive, including natural pet shampoos, powders, deodorants, and more. Can you share some insights into the research and development process behind these products?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: We manufacture the majority of our products in-house from the Silvassa

Manufacturing Facility. The Silvassa Manufacturing Facility has flexible manufacturing capabilities which ensures that we can manufacture any of these at any point of time depending on the specific requirements of our customers.

This facility also has a comprehensive range of testing as well as packaging capabilities. The facility is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and has an effluent treatment plant to ensure zero liquid discharge. As a technology- driven company, we constantly strive to incorporate new practices into our business to deliver quality products to our customers. We have a dedicated research lab that is DSIR-certified (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India). We continuously monitor industry trends to ensure that our products continue to remain relevant and help our customers meet the evolving market demands.

Our qualified and experienced in-house R&D team focuses on the development of new products and formulations including collaborative product development with our customers to customize our products in line with customer expectations and end-user preferences whilst simultaneously ensuring shorter lead times and cost competitiveness.

4. What sets “Sniffy” apart from others in the market, and how do they contribute to pets' well-being?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: Sniffy is a premium dry food for Dogs. It is a gluten-free nutritionally well-balanced diet. It is formulated as per the needs of the dog's diet, the rich ingredients and its functions are the USP  differentiating factors for this brand that takes care of the entire well-being of the PET. We also have a brand called Zippy that comes under our balanced and comforting dog food category. For cats, we have Top Tail for a perfectly balanced diet for our feline friends.


. The "Top Tails" range is specifically for cats. Can you discuss the unique challenges and considerations when developing products for feline companions?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: Maintaining palatability and kibble size is very important in Cat food. Cats are fussy eaters, maintaining crucial protein, and fat percentages and keeping all the vital nutrients intact is a huge challenge for any food brand, but we have successfully cracked the balanced nutritional formula.

6. How does Rossari Pet Care Division ensure the quality and safety of its products, especially when it comes to items that are applied directly to pets' skin or ingested?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: We have separate state of art manufacturing units that are GMP, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 certified. We are well equipped with advanced technologies and have a laboratory with strong and knowledgeable research leaders to develop beneficial products for the consumers to do our R&D. Our highly skilled team ensures the formulation followed by stringent quality tests by our QC team to whom is assigned set parameters to check the products and pass them only once they qualify these standard procedures. All of our products are pH-balanced to suit the pet's dermal conditioning

7. In a market where pet care products are abundant, what strategies does Rossari Pet Care Division employs to stand out and gain the trust of pet owners?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: We uphold high quality, environment, health, and safety standards and provide

the most trustworthy pet products and services to the pet market. Front creating waterless bath options for fussy dogs to introducing India's first medicated pet shampoo, Pet Care by Rossari goes above and beyond to innovate solutions for complex problems.


8. With the growing trend of pet humanization, how do you envision the future of the pet care industry in India, and what role will Rossari Pet Care Division play in this evolution?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: Here at Petcare By Rossari, we interact with pet parents and also educate them concerning the health of their pets. We believe in innovation. We do a need-based analysis of the pet's health and ensure that our products help pets improve their health so that both the parents and the pet can have a suitable environment to stay in. We concentrate on making a space in which every pet parent feels comfortable.

9.  Sustainability and eco-friendliness are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Does Rossari Pet Care Division have any sustainability initiatives or plans for more environmentally friendly products?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: At Pet Care by Rossari, we emphasize sustainable growth and responsible

business practices, focusing on top-quality pet products. Our priority is quality and upholding high standards. Furthermore, our commitment to environmental sustainability drives efforts in waste reduction, resource conservation, and promoting eco-friendly practices across our operations.

10.   What are the upcoming developments and product launches we can expect from Rossari Pet Care Division, and how do they align with your vision for the brand's future in the pet care market?

Dr. Rajesh Kamble: We will be launching several products in various categories like VET prescription diet, supplements, treats, cosmetics, and hygiene. Since all the pet parents bank on us for innovative and reliable products, we take ownership to make pet parenting easier and safer for all.

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