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Crafting a Sustainable Future for Pets: Sneha Bagrecha's Journey with IndieGood



18 May 2023

IndieGood's vision to build an ecosystem of planet-friendly products for pets, empowering local artisans and women self-help groups in India to create fur-friendly designs.

  • We started with 15 SKUs and now have 200+ with a variety of Collars, Leash, Harness, Beds, Toys Gift hampers, Bow, Bandanas, Birthday kits, Christmas Hamper, Dog Shirts and others.

  • We do user testing before we do the products and study the ergonomics of the user.

Sneha Bagrecha Designation - Founder, IndieGood
Sneha Bagrecha Designation - Founder, IndieGood

Why are you doing what you do and what got you started?

I began the journey to make handcrafted artisanal accessories for Pets when we realised the market is flooded with plastic and nylon-based accessories that give them rashes or choosing the wrong product and using poly-fill can also choke and bring discomfort to the Pets.

I am a Craft Enthusiast from Ahmedabad, Gujarat working as a sustainable Product Designer for 11 years now. IndieGood is my new startup of about 2 years now. Our VISION is to build an ecosystem where we make PLANET friendly products comfortable for the PETS by the PEOPLE(Artisans). We work with 200+ artisans and women self-help groups PAN INDIA. I love being a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and will continue my work with immense enthusiasm and passion to achieve and see through our goals of sustainability and finest craftsmanship from India. Kindly find my Design Journey here

- What challenges did you face when you started out?

Making the customers understand why it is important for your Pooch to live a plastic-free life just like any human and how important it is for the planet. Also to convince the Retailers to switch to our eco and fur-friendly range over any nylon or plastic based accessories for the Pets.

- What is that one event that strengthen your resolve to continue?

One of my friend's Cat passed away the next day as he ingested the poly-fill of his toy he was playing with. His intestines got ruptured and he couldn't survive even a day then. As a product design company we follow a very user centric approach to animals making sure what goes in and out of the products for them. This horrifying event made us gut sure on our mission to provide every pooch a plastic/nylon free life.

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