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Wiggles wide range of products benefits pet owners in India

Derek Wells

11 Apr 2023

EveryDawg Mother & Puppy (3-12 Weeks) Starter Dry Dog Food- 1kg and 100g

Wiggles EveryDawg™ Dry Food for Mother ; Starter Pup (3-12 weeks)

Wiggles Every Dawg Dry food for mother: starater pup (3-12 weeks) is an energy dense meal that meets the nutritional needs of a lactating mother and her puppies. It is a complete and balanced meal rich with high quality protein, fresh vegetables and fruits and rice as core ingredients. It is fortified with superfoods like Red Raspberry leaves and Milk Thistle, which helps to increase milk production in mother dogs and Colostrum for immune response. This dry food helps mothers recover while also ensuring the healthy development of newborn puppies.

Some of the Other Products from Wiggles are as follows:

EveryDawg Puppy Dry Dog Food - Chicken, Oats & Vegetables- 1.2kg

EveryDawg(™) dry food for puppies is designed to bring Right Nutrition for the specific health needs of active & growing puppies. This energy-dense balanced and complete meal- with high protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants ratio- is infused with ingredients that help puppies in immunity building, optimal growth, healthy digestion, shiny coat, arthritis prevention and fecal odor control.

CannaPaw Hemp Oil Extract for Dogs Cats Pain Anxiety Relief Spray, 30ml

India's only cannabis-infused oil for pets that can be used topically and orally. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it is designed to support your pets’ overall health and well-being. It is highly effective in treating cancer, epilepsy, seizures, and acts as a supportive therapy in life-threatening diseases like parvovirus, tick-borne fever & canine distemper.

Barkstix™ Healthy Dog Treats - Chicken and Pomegranate Dog Treats - 100gm

Barkstix Chicken and Pomegranate Treats are healthy and tasty treats made with whole chicken and

pomegranate. They are infused with milk thistle and yellow dock root extract, these treats help to detox your pet’s liver and keep it healthy, and these treats are highly palatable.

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