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Biohome Filter Media is a highly efficient biological filter media developed by AQUA-BIO UK Ltd with a proven track record of manufacture of filter media used worldwide for over 20 years in the aquatic industry.
Biohome is manufactured wholly from recycled glass and Byproducts of the aggregate industry that contain the required trace elements and minerals shown to be beneficial to healthy bacteria formation. Biohome is produced in a variety of sizes and forms to suit every type of filter.
Biohome has been around for approximately 20 years but has been mostly sold in the Far East where keepers of Koi and Arowana appreciated its remarkable ability to process the waste generated from these demanding species. In 2012 the manufacturer of Biohome contacted Richard from the Pondguru channel on Youtube and asked him to take a look at the media which was incredibly popular in Asia but was still relatively unknown in the rest of the world.
The most obvious place for Biogravel is as a substrate in aquariums which have an under gravel system where it acts as not only a substrate but also an effective filter media too. It can be used in the Planted Tank to create colony of nitrifying bacteria. Many internal and HOB filters will have very limited provision for biological media so Biogravel is perfect to boost performance by offering efficient media for bacterial action to occur.Biohome Ultimate which allows for even faster bacterial colonisation and faster processing of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.


  • Biogravel is the ideal substrate for your tanks as it is also an effective filter media too
  • Efficient biological filter media with added benefit of being small enough to be used in very restricted spaces and has a porosity of approximately 42%
  • Suitable as a shrimp and plant substrate, media for under gravel filter, internal filters, HOB filters, small canister filters
  • Use approximately 1 Kg per 100 Litres of aquarium water for a normally stocked tank
  • Optimized for Freshwater use
  •  and Planted Tank ( Put it just below the main layer of soil)

Biohome Bio Gravel 1KG

₹2,200.00 Regular Price
₹2,150.00Sale Price
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