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Nicola Vaz's Heartwarming Journey with Kiki: A Tale of Love, Compassion, and Feline Bonding


27 Aug 2023

Fostering Love: Nicola Vaz's Endearing Bond with Kiki, the Resilient Kitten, Illuminating Paths of Compassion and Reminding of Life's Simple, Profound Joys.

Nicola Vaz with Kiki

A year ago, on May 6, 2022, my enchanting love story with Kiki, a tiny kitten, unfolded. On a sweltering summer night, a call from my daughter set the stage for our bond. A mere-month-old, Kiki was trapped between the grills, crying out in fear, and we found him fragile enough to fit in my daughter's palm. Fearing for his safety, we began nurturing him in our society compound, feeding him water through a dropper and crushed food.

Kiki's vulnerability drew us in; he became ours. Our day starts with a race downstairs, hoping for his safety and nourishing him.  The night ends, ensuring he is within the compound's secure confines. However, our efforts to integrate him into our home were thwarted by our older cats. We found solace, in watching Kiki thrive chasing leaves, and squirrels, and nestled in corners of the compound. Kiki's choice to bond bound us together.

In his world, we found our place. His purring was our shared language of love. The months raced, and Kiki brought boundless joy. Daily, he waited at the gate, his presence centering our lives. A bond blossomed; he regarded us as his parents, our building his haven. Kiki's simplicity in finding sustenance, shelter, and affection resonated. Its gentle purr touched hearts. A year has passed; Kiki's gentleness reigns. His eyes radiate love, trust, and innocence. Human complexities fade; love for animals, for Kiki, flourishes. With him, riches abound, transcending material wealth. Kiki, a year wiser, welcomes us with purring and affection, embodying serenity.

Recently neutered and vaccinated, He symbolizes luck, and growth and changed me into a compassionate soul. His presence underscores the struggles of strays and their uncertain lives. Kiki, a non-winged angel with paws, embodies the profound impact of caring.

In Kiki's journey, I've found more than companionship. A connection unspoken yet deeply understood. His presence is a reminder of humanity's duty toward those in need. Kiki, an embodiment of resilience and affection, has graced my life in profound ways. Through his eyes, the language of love speaks, reminding us that even amid our busy lives, there is always room for compassion and empathy

.Author: Nicola Vaz

Kiki's Mum

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